Get Your XO-1.5 Laptop via OLPC's Contributors Program


Were you excited by the XO-1.5 Dual Boot Video? Do you want to see the XO-1.5 motherboard for yourself? Then here is your chance to score one of 30 B-Test XO-1.5's through OLPC's Contributors Program.

They'll ship the new hardware anywhere in the world to needy developers who are willing to build on ideas like these:

More information can be found at XO 1.5: Create, Collaborate, Contribute, but the XO's will only find their way into your hands if you apply.

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Great :)

I wnt make more test usability with child in my contry... :)

Already applied. :)

I am hoping to get approved and announce the project here as well.

Voice chat (maybe even VoIP? Imagine the XO doubling up as a phone!)


I already have had my XO working as a phone with Twinkle for 2 years. Who wrote that link about the XO1.5? They need to wake up and smell the Colombian Coffee! I call Cali, Colombia with my XO for FREE!